Maker of Fine Cremation Urns, Jewelry Boxes & Desk Accessories

green marble urn
Set of Forest Green Marble Double Bookend Urns

Semi-Gloss Finish. Each piece is 280 cubic inches.
Total Combined Size: 11" x 6" x 12-¼"H

A Collection of Fine Urns & Stonewares
Made by Leon Couturier, Jr.

Each piece is made from carefully-selected stone materials, such as marble, granite, travertine or limestone. Great care is taken to line-up the natural veins of each section to wrap perfectly, revealing its true inner beauty.

Leon continues to expand his product line, as well as developing new techniques for assembling & polishing his stoneworks, all of which is done by-hand, in the USA.

Please email Leon or call him at (401) 265-7359 if you have any questions or requests.

Leon Couturier, Jr.

Founder & Owner
Grace Stoneworks, LLC

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